Nairobi Insignia offer a selection of fastenings and backings the range of which covers our company name badges, lapel pins or enamel badges charity badges, tie pins and tie clips, cufflinks, key chains, key rings, key fobs, plastic badges and credit card ID badges. If you require any assistance in choosing the best fastening for your badge, we are happy to help.

Brooch/Safety Pin Fastening
Ideal for manual workers, restaurants, catering, nurs-ing and casinos to name but a few applications. The safety pin is an excellent cost effective fastening.

Badge Fastenings

The Elite logo is a jewellers quality logo in metal either stamped or printed, enamelled or with an epoxy finish. These are the default fastenings for such promotional gift items as charity badges, enamel badges, tie clips, tie pins, brooches, cufflinks or military items. If you have a particular requirement, such as a pin to go through a certain depth of clothing, please let us know.

Starting from left to right: Butterfly pin, Military Clutch, Brooch Pin, Magnet, Cufflink, Tie Clip, Tie Pin.

When you order any of our Elite's for your logo or design, there is a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. These can be made up of company name badges and butterfly pins and magnet badges and cufflinks and tie clips etc as long as the total number of individual pieces equals 100. i.e. 50 pairs of cufflinks.